The Bonfire Tragedy!
Without Sovereign immunity it would never have happened !

(To the left is a photo of John Comstock, the last student pulled from the logpile, to read his story, click on the picture.)

Without the deceptive claim of Sovereign immunity, the death of 12 students at Texas A&M would never have occured.

This tragedy was avoidable!

Before the deadly disaster, the university and its leaders claimed to be immune for their actions at the university. They knew that if they claimed to be immune, they would not be held accountable for any deaths that they caused. Had they not claimed immunity and accepted responsibility for their actions, this deadly mistake would never have happened.-----Don't read something into this that is not intended. I am not saying here that these people should be sued today, under today's laws. I'm saying that had the law been as our founding fathers intended, then this disaster would have never occured.

Had these officials not been able to claim immunity, they would have had to depend on insurance to protect themselves and the university from any possible liability. And any insurance company worth its salt would have required a safe and well designed structure before putting the assets of the company on the line. Had there been no immunity, there would have been no death. It is a simple fact that when someone is held accountable for his actions, he is less likely to be careless with the lives of others.

Had these officials not been able to claim immunity, then the bonfire would have been built in a safe manner and would have a history of safe events. Had there been no immunity, we would still have a bonfire. It is a simple fact that if bonfire had a history of safe events then there would be no difficulty in insuring the event.

Possibly the most insulting part of the Bonfire tragedy is the fact that the families of these kids were subjected to the false story of immunity. It is obvious from the news accounts that I have read that these parents of dead and injured children were not advised of the fact that sovereign immunity was simply made up to protect government officials. They were not told the truth that sovereign immunity is not granted in the constitution. On the contrary, these parents were most likely given the standard line that the right to immunity is an ancient right. They were most likely told the story that "because you couldn't sue the king, you can't sue Texas". They were probably told that if a person could sue the state that it would force the taxpayers to pay the damages. Of course if you have read this page you would know that a person could sue his king and that taxpayers do not pay when a citizen sues his government official.

Today we need to get back to the system of law set up by our founding fathers. In that system there was no immunity. In that system when a person obtained an office of trust in the government, he had to obtain a bond for the protection of the public. And if that government official violated a public trust, caused an accident or otherwise harmed a citizen then a person could collect on the official's bond. A person didn't sue the taxpayer, he sued the bond.

What we have today is a perverted system of justice. The officials that should have been in charge of all activities on the campus are omitted from a suit to bring justice to the families that were hurt by the bonfire. And the lower level students and participants, who were simply doing what their leaders allowed, are being sued. This is a travesty of justice that can only be corrected by ending sovereign immunity.

If you would like to help end the senseless killing of innocent citizens, if you would like to make sure that this never happens again, then you must help me end sovereign immunity.